The Story Behind Elderly Care Fund

“To make an elderly person happy is the noblest act a young person can ever do!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

About Us

Elderly Care Fund was established to serve elderly citizens in our communities. This is achieved through various activities focusing on these groups:

(a) Disadvantaged: These are member of our communities who have no aid or sustainable support due to various reasons such as age, family challenges, disability, etc. Most of these elders have a skill or two which can be harnessed into an income within a local economy.

(b) Neglected & Berieved: Some of our elderly are left to fend for themselves due to various quandaries - such as loss of children to substance abuse, HIV, TB and so on or because they are stricken in age.
(c) Unemployed or Unemployable: Some of our elderly are well advanced in age that even with the qualifications they are unemployable.

All Elderly Care Fund programs and projects are run by professional facilitators in partnership with other stakeholders is committed to provide a positive, safe, fun, community clubs in Cosmo City - where the elderly have the opportunity to interact and develop new skills or enhance inherent ones in supportive, encouraging environment. Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) and Further Education and Training Colleges (FETC) to get second chance to complete their formal Education. The aim being to provide diverse, fun, engaging, stimulating and developmentally appropriate Core Program Areas and specialized Initiatives - addressing a wide variety of community interests and needs.

The organization has intentions in building self-esteem, providing guidance and direction to maximize productivity even at such ages and assist to promote a safe, healthy and dignified lifestyle amongst the elderly.

We also aim to build a sense of belonging, sense of ownership, a sense of responsibility, a sense of purpose and usefulness, influencing or empowering while ensuring a sense of competence and inclusion.

Elderly Care Fund is fully aware that reaching elderly people within a community requires different strategies, skills and techniques, therefore they use an open door approach to welcome any person, organization, government body, private sectors, etc. to join forces with them to grow and expand their work not only in Cosmo City but to reach out the whole country. The success shown in Cosmo City is the results of stakeholders’ team work. The team that is enthusiastic, trained, committed and passionate about the senior citizens of South Africa. The team ensures that the program run in a Safe, Positive Environment, having fun, experiencing supportive relationships, Access & Exposure to Opportunities, Expectations and Recognition.

For the past years up to date the Elderly Care Fund has been based on four pillars: Religious Education,
Formal Education, Life Skills Development (Vocational training), and Health development offered either in short term or long term training. It is the intention of the organization to expand into other provinces in partnership with other stakeholder such as the public sector and private sector while benefiting all the needy people of South Africa, thereby promoting social cohesion and inclusion for senior citizens.

"Taking care of those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors
...Tia Walker

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